Rules and Regulations


These rules are designed with three purposes in mind:

  • To understand the game of Slap Cup
  • To minimize disputes among Slap Cup players
  • To have a smooth and fun game


  • Table: 8′ x 2′ x 27.5″. A rectangular or square table can be used as well but a round table is ideal.
  • Balls: 40mm balls
  • Cups: 16 oz. cups
    • Top width: 3-5/8″
    • Height: 4-5/8″
    • Base width: 2-1/4”

Game Setup

Cup Formation

  • 24 Cups placed in the middle of the table. They can be set up in any order but a circular formation is ideal

Contents of Cups

  • 5 beers distributed evenly between 23 of the cups. The 24th cup (which should be in the middle is filled with a full beer.

Playing the Game

Shooting and Player Placement

  • First shots are determined by random selection
  • Each new game should rotate who takes the first shot along with a random rotation of the players around the table.
  • First rule of Slap Cup is there should always be 2 empty cups on the table.
  • The first 2 shooters “Touch Balls” then grab a cup, drink the contents, and bounce their ball off the table and try to get into the empty cup that they just drank.
  • If they get the shot in the cup on the first try they pass their cup with the ball in it to anyone around the table.
  • If they get it in on the second shot or any shot after that they can only pass the cup to their immediate right.
  • If the person to the immediate right of the person shooting is trying to get their ball in but hasn’t yet they should get their cup slapped (only by the person that just hit their shot).
  • Example – Shooter A is shooting and gets the ball in on any shot. Shooter B (standing immediately to Shooter A‘s right) is trying to get their ball in Shooter A should slap Shooter B’s cup. Shooter B then must grab a new cup from the middle drink the beer and start shooting again. That next shot counts as Shooter B’s first shot again.


  • The ball and cup should not be touched after the player has released his shot.
  • The shooter should be the only one who passes the cup with the ball in it.


  • The cups in the middle of the table can be reformed at any time if desired, with a brief stoppage in the game.


  • Interference is defined as any contact with the ball, cup or person as the person is shooting or once the shot has been taken.
  • In the event of a player interfering with any of the above that player must XXXXXX
  • In the event a player shoots their ball into one of the full cups in the middle of the table they must drink that cup.
  • All objects sitting on the table are considered part of the table for the purpose of determining interference.
  • The previous clause notwithstanding, the playing area should be kept as clear as possible at all times. Specifically, no objects should be placed in between the opposing cup formations. (An official SlapCupUSA towel is recommended for best cleaning)
  • Table Interference – players may not make contact with the table while their opponents are shooting.

Ending the Game

  • When the last cup is the cup with full beer is left and someone’s cup gets slapped the game is over. The person that had their cup slapped has to drink the cup with the full beer in it.


  • The ball is considered in the cup if it has broken the plain of the rim of the cup. All of the people playing should make this determination as the game is played.

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