Rules and Regulations


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These are the official rules for the increasingly popular drinking game Slap Cup (here is a list of alternative names). The rules have been designed specifically:

  • To teach and promote the wonderful game of Slap Cup
  • To standardize the game rules, so it can be played around the world at the same competitive level
  • To minimize disputes during game play
  • To get you drunk

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • A round table with adequate room for each player to stand around it. A rectangular camping table should do the trick, otherwise
  • Standard issue “ping pong” balls
  • 24 16oz Solo cups (you’ll likely want to buy more, as the “slap” tends to destroy several cups over the course of the night)
  • Beer, preferably light, preferably cheap

Game Setup:

  • Place TWENTY-FOUR cups in the center of the table in a circular formation
  • Remove all other items from the table (e.g. “side beers” and other non-game related drinks)
  • Distribute FIVE beers evenly between TWENTY-THREE cups. The TWENTY-FOURTH cup (which should be placed in the middle of the cup formation should be filled with an entire beer)

Playing the Game:

Shooting and Player Placement

  • The first two “shooters” are determined by all of the players at the table randomly; each NEW game should rotate the first two shooters, and each NEW game should have a new player formation around the table
  • The first two shooters first “touch balls”; then they (quickly) each grab a cup, drink the beer and then attempt to bounce their ball off of the table and into the empty cup they just drank from
  • If a shooting player gets his or her ball into the cup on the first try they can pass their cup (with the ball in it) to anyone they would like around the table
  • If a shooting player gets his or her ball into the cup on the second try (or any following shot) they can only pass their cup to their immediate right
  • If, at any time, a shooting player sinks the ball into his or her cup and the person to their right is still shooting, the successful player can slap the cup from the (still shooting) player to the right and pass their cup and ball to the player to the right of the player that just got their cup slapped
  • A player whose cup has been slapped must choose a new beer from the cup formation, drink it, and begin to shoot their ball (as if it was their first shot)
  • If successful, this process of shooting and slapping will continue and the game will not conclude until the final and full cup has been drunk
  • Example – Shooter A is shooting and gets the ball in on any shot. Shooter B (standing immediately to Shooter A‘s right) is trying to get their ball in. Shooter A should slap Shooter B’s cup (in whatever style he or she chooses) and pass their own cup and ball to the player to the right of Shooter B. Shooter B must then grab a new cup from the formation, drink the beer, and start shooting again. The next shot counts as Shooter B’s first shot again.


  • The ball and cup should not be touched (by any player) after a shot has been released
  • The shooter should be the only one who passes the cup with the ball in it after successfully sinking a ball


  • The cups in the middle of the table can be reformed at any time if desired by any player, with a brief stoppage in the game, if absolutely necessary by calling “time”


  • Interference is defined as any contact with the ball, cup, table or person as the person is shooting or once the shot has been taken; this is a gentleman’s game, no interference
  • In the event that a player shoots their ball into one of the cups in the formation they must drink that cup before continuing to shoot for their original cup
  • The playing area should be kept as clear as possible at all times. Specifically, no objects should be placed in between the opposing cup formations

Ending the Game:

  • The full cup in the center of the formation should be grabbed last. The person that had their cup slapped last has to drink the cup with the full beer in it and the game is over


  • The ball is considered in the cup if it has “broken the plain” of the rim of the cup. All of the players at the table should make this determination by consensus and by hollering “broke the plain” as the game is played
  • Consider organizing coalitions within the player formation, and develop “strategies” to avoid having your cup slapped (e.g. if successfully sinking your ball on the first shot pass the cup across the table, or to the immediate LEFT of the person that is currently shooting)
  • Consider developing your own style of cup slapping. We’ve seen styles that range from crushing the cup to serving the cup on a hand platter for his or her opponent to slap. Tell us your favorite slap!

2 thoughts on “Rules and Regulations

  1. Dyel says:

    This website rocks! America!

  2. President George W. Bush says:

    Fuck yea! America! Slap Cup!

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